NPK sensor for express soil analysis
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NPK sensor for express soil analysis
Ambulance to plants
Ambulance to plants
The sensor effectively detects available NPK compounds in both open and sheltered soil, and its numbers will be useful in all types of crops.
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7 steps to the result
We have developed a universal technique that is suitable for all types of soils
Select soil from a homogeneous area from a depth of 0-25 cm.
Pour this soil into a tall glass with a volume of 200 ml.
Pour distilled water with a temperature of 25 C into a glass with the soil.
Stir the mixture well to form a homogeneous paste.
If necessary — add more water, carefully drain the excess.
Fully immerse the sensor rods in the paste for 10 seconds.
Remove NPK values from the handheld terminal screen.
Signs of plant starvation
TOP-6 signs that the plants stress from lack of nutrition:

The plants start slowly

The root system is poorly developed
Young leaves are thin and pale green
Increased stress during pesticide treatments
Weak immunity to diseases and pests
Yields are less than the average in the region
What restrains your harvest
The solution to most of these problems is directly related to the nutrients that will be available to the crop during the season. The greater the soil supply of water-soluble salts of macro-and microelements, primarily nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), the easier it is for the plant to adapt, gain a place in the sun from weeds, and resist disease.
Nitrogen compounds are an important factor in plant nutrition. In their absence, plants will grow poorly, even if there are many other elements in the soil. In addition, nitrogen is a very mobile element, so it is difficult to accumulate and easy to lose from the soil. That is why the survey of the arable layer should be done not once every 5 years, but several times a season. And for this purpose, the NPK sensor will be suitable.
Our decision
The NPK sensor shows the current supply of water-soluble nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds that will be available for the root system soon.

Do an unlimited number of rapid soil tests just in the field for the price of 10 laboratory tests! Find places with low fertility and add extra nourishment.

The sensor does not require reagents or complex maintenance, it is easy to use as a professional agronomist with hundreds of hectares, and a caring owner with a small share. Now it is easy, accessible, and even more interesting to monitor the content of nutrients in the soil.
You can
Assess the state of soil fertility throughout the site.
Find "problem points" with low fertility.
Adjust the existing fertilizer plan.
Monitor the soil during the season.
Save money on buying extra fertilizer.
Increase the average yield per hectare.
Be one step ahead of competitors and a neighbor :)

We invite you to take part in our research and send your soil for testing:

The rains have passed,
and you have light sandy soils?
Check the arable layer, it may be time to make fertilization.
Continue watering,
so that NPK compounds remain in an aqueous solution and are available to the root system of the plant.
Drought and no watering?
It's time to make foliar fertilizers and biostimulants. They compensate for lack of nutrition and reduce heat stress.
Our mission
“NPK sensor is an affordable investment in the successful future of your business. Modern agribusiness is setting increasingly strict rules for all players in agriculture. That is why getting the least competitive advantage today, becomes a decisive factor in the viability of the whole business tomorrow. And if earlier it was possible to neglect agrotechnologies and even to earn money, now it is necessary to consider economic expediency of use of fertilizers literally on each square meter.

Our team aims to make high technology accessible and understandable to innovative farmers. Agro-scouting in small and medium-sized areas is not a luxury, but a necessity. And those producers who are the first to realize this will get an undeniable advantage for their soil and business. ”

Dmitry Kravtsov
founder of Open Soil.

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